High Profile Gambling

high profile gamblingNot all gambling is done at a craps table. Gambling can be done with any assets a person possesses, both personal and corporate, and sometimes gambling is even done under the guise of business. People with wealth and power can and do gamble with their personal and corporate assets, even if other people’s investments are tied to them, which is both unethical and unlawful. The fact of the matter is that we know how to identify a gambling addict who is of a simple nature, playing the slot machines and tables in Vegas. But we do not know how to identify high functioning gamblers who put their professional and personal assets on the line for the sake of a thrill.

When someone gambles with their personal assets, they typically leverage things such as houses, vehicles, boats and other major investments. They gamble with these assets in a number of money making efforts, such as flipping houses, betting on the stock market and making deals with other investors. Anywhere someone stands to make a financial gain, there is risk involved. Where there is risk involved, people need to put something of value on the line. For high rolling gamblers, this can easily include their life investments.

It is one thing for a person to gamble with their personal assets, but some gamblers take it to the next level and gamble with their corporate assets. These are people who are executors of company accounts and stocks. It is unethical and often illegal to tie these assets up in risky ventures, but it is done regardless. Some of these gambles are made with an appropriate amount of calculated risk, while others are driven by compulsive gambling tendencies. When a compulsive gambler makes their way into a position of power, they are undoubtedly going to make poor financial decisions with money that many people depend on.


The thrill of gambling is a legitimate addiction that requires treatment, regardless of what level it is carried out at. A compulsive gambler in front of a slot machine has just as much of a problem as a person with far more money and assets to gamble with.